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Why Therapy Today is Different

Joining the Therapy Today Counseling & Consulting team brings so many benefits. We’re not just an employer, we’re part of your team, here to help support you in every way so that you can come to work and focus on your clients. Let us take care of the details and invest in your success!

Our company culture is driven by values.

At Therapy Today, we are driven by our core values: Integrity, Self-assured, Teamwork, Enthusiastic, Engaged and Professional. They are the foundation of our company culture and provide a framework for all interactions and decisions.

We offer flexibility of schedules.

At Therapy Today, we believe in creating an environment that supports work-life balance.  You have control of your schedule and can adjust it to be as flexible as needed, as often as needed. You decide when you see clients and manage your schedule to reflect your availability, allowing you to be at your best while in the therapy room and while at home.

Our administrative team provides on-going support.

Our cheerful, smiling administrative staff is always available to help with any needs and are in communication throughout the day with our entire team to ensure a seamless experience for both clients and therapists. They provide a host of concierge services such as snacks, coffee and tea to help you perform your best. In addition, specific team members offer IT, HR, and operations support.

We offer beautiful, restful therapy rooms.

Our therapy rooms are beautifully appointed and designed to bring a sense of calm, rest and safety to the therapy environment. Rooms are inspected and provisioned daily so that all the essentials are easily at hand.

We provide flexible compensation options.

Our therapists choose the compensation package that works for them and can change options if their circumstances change. We offer both fee-split and salary compensation, including a bonus program, which means you are in control of the amount of income you make. The salary package includes health insurance, life and disability insurance, up to three weeks of paid vacation and the option to plan for retirement with a 3% match IRA.

Our company provides clinical support.

Our therapist team connects monthly for peer consultation where they discuss clinical concerns and common challenges, build a rapport with their peers, and create a network for client referrals. When urgent or more frequent support is needed, our therapists can connect with their Lead Therapist as needed for clinical consultation.

We provide training and continuing education credits.

Our team provides ample opportunities for learning and training though weekly interactive skills training and multiple training courses throughout the year that provide CE credits and fulfillment of licensure requirements. Spend a few years, or longer, with us to advance your skills in a supportive environment where we are actively teaching.

We buy you tacos every Tuesday!

Enjoy a social lunch hour every Tuesday that brings clinical and administrative staff together. We supply tacos and all the fixings while you enjoy a free lunch and catching up with your favorite coworkers.

We provide credentialing services.

Let our experienced team handle the challenge of credentialling with insurance panels for you.   We submit, monitor status, and recredential you with 25+ insurances so you and your clients can rest assured that your ability to take their coverage is well in hand.

We provide billing services.

Our seasoned billing team will handle all claim submission, corrections and rejections so you never need to worry about not getting paid again. In addition, this caring team will send client statements and collect payments ensuring that care can continue smoothly without interruption from billing concerns.

We provide supervision.

All new therapists are provided with 6 weeks of note review by one of our highly qualified supervisors. Your supervisor will provide you with best practices for documentation, risk management and clinical consultation. Limited license therapists will continue under supervision until receiving full licensure, all provided at no cost by Therapy Today.

Our team listens and learns how to be a better employer.

At Therapy Today, you have a voice. Our company culture supports honest and open communication, without fear of reprisal. We meet individually four times a year with each employee to discuss how we can improve together and foster an open-door policy where any concerns or needs can be brought to the Leadership Team at any time. We want Therapy Today to be the best place you will ever work and your experience is important to us.

We offer opportunities for advancement.

Our team is growing and has an on-going need for clinical support in the form of Supervisors and Lead Therapists. Supervisors mentor and provide clinical support to our limited license therapists. Lead Therapists fulfill select administrative duties and provide clinical support to our fully licensed therapists. Both positions are flexible with limited time commitment allowing the employee to remain actively engaged in providing therapy.

You can be a part of something greater at Therapy Today!

Our team is committed to changing the way therapy is delivered today, making it more accessible and more effective. It is an exciting time to join us! We are passionate about our team and would love the opportunity to show you how we can help you become the best, most skillful therapist you can become.

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All of our resources are provided with the client in mind. We support you, so can support them.

Use our nature-inspired counseling rooms to provide a welcoming space for your clients or use our services to schedule remote sessions over the phone or teleconferencing. Our HIPPA compliant telehealth platform makes scheduling remote sessions with your clients easy and secure.

We help you work well so you can help your clients live well. If you are interested in joining us at Therapy Today, please fill out the attached form.

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