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Anger Management Counseling

Anger is a natural human response but it can be difficult to control. When a person is unable to handle their anger, the effects can be harmful and damaging. Difficulty regulating powerful emotions is common. When this difficulty results in aggressive, angry outbursts it can be destructive to property, objects, people and relationships.

Symptoms of Anger Issues

Happy9Everyone gets angry. Most people express an angry outburst at one time or another. To determine if you may be struggling with more serious anger issues consider these symptoms:

  • You have aggressive or angry outbursts regularly
  • Your angry outburst is out of proportion to the stimulus that caused it
  • You feel intense anxiety or stress for a period of time before the outburst
  • You feel powerless over your anger and your ability to control it
  • You feel a sense of relief after an outburst
  • You feel regretful, remorseful and upset after an outburst
  • You damage property or objects during an outburst
  • You threaten the health or safety of yourself or others during an outburst
  • Your relationships have suffered as a result of your persistent angry behavior.

Individuals who suffer from anger issues often struggle, as well, with depression, anxiety and impulse control disorders.

Treatment and Counseling for Anger Management

Therapists are well trained to help you understand the cycle of actions and emotions leading up to an anger episode. They can help you develop the skills and techniques needed to manage your emotions effectively. Your counselor can help you:

  • Identify biological and physiological components of anger
  • Learn relaxation skills to manage rising anger
  • Practice conflict management techniques
  • Understand how alcohol or drug use can impact angry outbursts
  • Practice healthy and appropriate ways of expressing anger
  • Explore and understand the causes of anger
  • Identify and treat co-existing depression or anxiety
  • Repair relationships damaged by anger issues

By teaching and practicing these anger management skills, Therapy Today Counseling and Consulting can help you reduce the frequency and severity of outbursts leading to better more fulfilling relationships.

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