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Parenthood Counseling

About Parenting Counseling

TTCC75Parenting is one of the most challenging and rewarding responsibilities a person can undertake. The connection between parent and child can be one of the most bonded and infinite connections possible between two people. Yet no other relationship has the potential for so much anxiety and pain.

Questions about how best to raise children, fear and anxiety over the weight of this responsibility, new financial issues, demands on your time and attention, added stress of family and work balance, maintaining a healthy marriage/partnership, post-partum depression can upset your mental and emotional health in many ways.

Parenting issues include more than the rearing of children. These situations may also call for some help and support:

  • Melding of two families, or a blended family, in a second marriage situation. Newly blended families have an opportunity for growth and joy, but the transition may be difficult for children who fear abandonment or have trouble accepting the authority of the new parent.
  • Empty nesters find their parenting roles have significantly changed and after 18 years of children as the center of the universe, couples have trouble adjusting and reconnecting to each other.
  • Intergenerational conflicts and tensions are shaped by how a generation understands and interprets the world and their place in it. Each generation is shaped by influences of technology, war, peace, and other events.

Treatment and Counseling for Parenting and Family Issues

Therapists are trained in working with multiple family members; we can help you to address those painful conflictsso that you may move forward with a deeper understanding of each other and the ties that bond you.

Work-Life Balance

About Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is about keeping a separation between your work and your play with proper prioritizing of your roles in each. This problem has become more prevalent as communication technologies have advanced. Now, even if you are not physically at work, your computer and cell phone put you in constant contact with work. Making it difficult to respect the boundaries between work and life/play/family.

The work-life balance is personal and individual, no two are the same and there is no exact science between what is the right balance. What feels like too much work to you may feel like too much leisure to another.

Symptoms of a Work-Life Imbalance

Recognizing a work-life imbalance can be difficult. Our ability to justify and reason what we should be doing can cloud our judgment. But when work and life are out of balance problems will arise in your personal relationships and/or your physical and mental health.

Signs that your work and life may be out of balance include:

  • Bringing work home
  • Increased arguments with family members about time spent working
  • Canceling family plans or social plans for work
  • Poor sleep and work-related dreams
  • Teeth grinding during sleep
  • Short temper with family members
  • Upset stomach digestive issues
  • Tension headaches
  • Increased caffeine/alcohol use

Treatment and Counseling to restore Work-Life Balance

Achieving a healthy work-life balance will bring peace back into your life. Our therapists can assist by helping you:

  • Learn to set limits and boundaries with others
  • Know when to ask for help
  • Purposefully schedule social and personal time
  • Review and possibly reset life and career goals
  • Incorporate your partner’s perspective on goals and boundaries
  • Figure out the things that matter most to you and incorporate those things into your life

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