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Individual Therapy

Choosing to go to therapy is an effective way to address life’s challenges. With counseling sessions focused on your goals, you’ll get where you want to go faster, fostering growth and lasting change along the way.

Couples Counseling

At times even the healthiest relationships become strained. Couples counseling creates a deeper understanding of each other and can teach you new strategies for handling future challenges.

Family Counseling

Family relationships are greatly improved in a safe, structured space for each member to share thoughts and feelings. Family counseling brings families closer, growing respect, love and understanding between all members.

Office Safety Precautions in Effect During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Therapy Today Counseling & Consulting is taking the following precautions to protect our patients and help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

  • When possible, appointments and testing will be conducted using a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform.
  • There will be no waiting room seating available, as patients and family members need to wait in their car until the time of the patient’s appointment.
  • We provide masks and gloves for patient use upon request.
  • Office seating in therapy/testing rooms has been arranged for appropriate physical distancing.
  • Our staff members wear face coverings.
  • Our staff members maintain safe distancing.
  • Restroom soap dispensers are maintained and everyone is encouraged to wash their hands.
  • Hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol is available in the lobby and therapy/testing rooms, and the waiting room (if open).
  • We schedule appointments at specific intervals to minimize the number of people in the office.
  • Credit card devices, pens, and other surfaces that are commonly touched are thoroughly sanitized after each use.
  • Physical contact is not permitted.
  • Tissues and trash bins are easily accessed.  Trash is disposed of on a frequent basis.
  • Common areas are thoroughly disinfected at the end of each day.

Please note that we are now offering Telehealth services. Please contact our staff at (517) 481-2133 for more information.

Download Our COVID-19 Response & Preparedness Plan

Going to therapy is something everyone can benefit from.  When you are facing life’s troubles, therapy assists you in effectively addressing those troubles; transforming pain into joy, conflict into peace, and loneliness into love.

Therapy helps people live well, love well, and work well.  Whatever state you find yourself in, you will find in us a caring listener, a resource for finding your strength in a comforting space.

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