LeafheartWe at Therapy Today are proud allies of the LGBTQIA community.  Understanding sexual orientation is an important process in anyone’s life but this journey of personal realization can be stressful and full of obstacles.

The decision of how, when, or even if, one will reveal their sexuality can be a terrifying experience- however it can give way to a wonderful sense of freedom.  You may feel a sense of isolation and hopelessness, but our therapists are equipped to help you navigate the difficulties of the coming-out process.

Our LGBTQIA services are not restricted only to those within the community; families struggling with understanding and acceptance of LGBTQIA relatives are invited to sit down with our therapists, to help encourage a warm, accepting environment for all.

About Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues

Men and women in same sex relationships encounter the same challenges that straight couples do, including difficulties with communication and conflict resolution, finances, trust, fidelity, and intimacy. But same sex couples may also face additional hurdles, including prejudice and discrimination, legal hurdles surrounding marriage, partnership, and parenthood.

All of these issues have the potential to cause a great amount of distress and anxiety in same sex couples and families.

The decision of how and when, or even if, to reveal your sexuality to friends, family, coworkers, and community members can be both terrifying and incredibly freeing. Help and support may be needed to navigate the decisions and related anxieties of coming out.

Feeling that your home is a safe sanctuary and having the support of your family is important for everyone’s overall mental health. But many families struggle when a child or loved one comes out. Research has shown that young adults who are in the coming out process are in danger of bullying and abuse not only among their peers, but at home as well.

Individuals in the process of coming out may feel isolated and alone. Parents may struggle to cope with what they perceive as a loss of hopes and expectations they had for their child’s future. Navigating these difficult processes with the help and guidance of a therapist can help you heal more quickly and move forward with grace and acceptance.

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