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How We Help

Helping Hands

The therapists at Therapy Today Counseling and Consulting work with you to facilitate a change that is authentic and lasting.

Change is hard to navigate on your own. We understand that, and it’s why we take pride in our ability to provide outstanding professional counseling services, in East Lansing, MI. Whether you’re in need of an appointment next week or today, our skilled team works with you to schedule at your convenience. Same day therapy appointments are essential for people in need of urgent support. Whatever you’re battling today, our compassionate therapists can get you started right away.

Therapy is a process that begins by understanding past choices. This understanding helps you gain perspective and recognize patterns. A new awareness changes your approach to future choices and results in positive change for a fulfilling life and meaningful relationships.

Successful therapy is the achievement of a common goal. Your therapist collaborates with you to define and set goals for understanding and growth. The therapists at Therapy Today in East Lansing, Michigan are trained in proven therapeutic approaches and techniques. We are active in our approach, while also providing a supportive environment. Your counseling sessions will be focused on addressing and resolving the issues brought to therapy, always keeping your overall goals in mind. Whether you’re in need of in-person or online telehealth therapy services, Therapy Today is here to support you. Visit our contact page to get started receiving our effective mental health and professional counseling services in East Lansing, MI today.


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