Now offering day and night-time telehealth appointments. Please call 517-481-2133 to schedule or click here.


What is Teletherapy?

Therapy Today offers teletherapy and online counseling sessions in East Lansing and throughout Michigan.

Telehealth: Get Help Where You Are

Telehealth, and virtual or online therapy, is a way to get the healthcare you need, no matter where you are. Teletherapy uses a video call to provide therapy for patients in the comfort of their own home, office, or other private space.

Therapy Today uses Doxy.Me, a HIPAA compliant platform that is easy to use. Therapy Today will email you a secure link that is used for every appointment going forward. Just click the link and you’ll be admitted to a virtual ‘waiting’ room where you will wait for your session to begin.

Benefits of Teletherapy

  • Teletherapy keeps you and your therapist safe in times of social distancing.
  • Engaging in a telehealth therapy session reduces your transportation time and costs.
  • Telehealth can help you fit therapy into your busy schedule.
  • At Therapy Today, you can meet with a therapist the same day.

Get Started with Teletherapy

If you would like to get started with teletherapy, please visit our contact page. You may also email or call us directly at (517) 481-2133. We also offer a chat button at the bottom of this page for your convenience. Same day counseling and therapy appointments are available. Schedule with one of our skilled staff members today.

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