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“Reid is an exceptional therapist! I have loved my time with her as she has helped me navigate through so many issues in life and come out successfully. She cultivates such a safe space for me in each session where I feel comfortable being vulnerable. I am so thankful for all that she does!”

Camryn M.

“Heather is amazing at her job. She makes me feel safe and able to openly talk about my thoughts and feelings.”

Robyn K.

“Marisa is THE BEST around. So supportive and overall just a light that has helped me so much on my journey. Would recommend her to literally anyone who would listen to me.”

Daisy K.

“Jessica Adams has been nothing less than AMAZING in helping my daughter.”

Alexah H.

“Heather had changed my life. She is one of the most warm, kind and genuine human beings, and she is incredibly good at her job. If everyone had a therapist like Heather, the world would be a better place!”

Alexis G.

“Jim is the best! I have grown a lot since I started therapy with him! He is kind, thoughtful, and allows me the safe space to heal.”

Trina P

“When I skipped therapy for a few weeks because I was in a bad place mentally, it was a wonderful game changer that Carly reached out to see if I wanted to start again.”

Rebecca R

“Ann Bair is great! She listens but holds me accountable and makes me hold myself accountable which is exactly what I needed from her. She also got started right away with coping mechanisms that are healthy for me and others around me.”


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