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Angie Logan

Angie Logan, LMSW

I’ve been working as a licensed social worker since 1999 and am licensed both here in Michigan as well as in Kansas.  My social work career has afforded me the opportunity to serve persons in a variety of settings: prisons, jails, schools, treatment facilities, shelters, community mental health centers, and hospitals.  I additionally have taught both undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Kansas and have engaged in advocacy, research, writing, and policy initiatives throughout my career.  I enjoy bringing inspiration, hope and light to dark situations to get people on the path towards recovery.  With that said, I’m an action-oriented practitioner, so we will work together to re-story your circumstances in a meaningful way by utilizing your unique strengths, talents and gifts in an effort to get you the life that you want. I do ask that outside of our sessions, you complete homework assignments individually tailored to you and your presenting problem.  In my personal life, I’m both an artist and an athlete- so if you’re a creative, I’m your life coach!


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